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I am a creative and performance-driven business director with deep passion for music.
With music a critical component of my early development, I fully entered the domain of music production and its distribution in 2019, adopting the alias “TEMPO” which defines a fusion of unrelenting creativity and style.
Owning a home studio where I could create at any time was always a dream. I achieved that together with some incredibly talented young artists I discovered in the heart of Accra during the first couple months of 2020 when the pandemic hit. And that’s how it all seriously began for me. In the course of 2020, we learnt a lot and attended almost all the virtual music festival and conferences that happened. Immediately, I became and still am the most passionate person about music that I know. Creation and Mentoring are my happy place.
I now fully produce from two smart and modern studios in Africa: the MadRoom Studios in Accra and Studio 313 from Johannesburg. With my direct plugs  to a community of award winning songwriters, producers and musicians from around the world of Africa, India, Mexico and Netherlands to name a few, we are able deliver high quality production within 5-7 days; all major genres covered from K-Pop to Amapiano to Anjunadeep.


With 20 years of career in IT, my love for the two: music and Information Technology, lead to the establishment of GRUPTMPO; a subscription-based service offering that incorporates the best of both worlds to provide quick and  efficient mentor-ship session to young aspiring artists virtually worldwide; yes we are metaverse ready. 


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