7 Hacks to Break the Creative Block

  • 7 Hacks to Break the Creative Block

    A creative block is when one cannot unlock their creative potential. This can lead to a plateau in which the artist has difficulty generating new ideas or finishing projects already underway.

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    We have the solution for you, no matter if you’ve had writer’s block for some time or are just looking for new ways to improve your creativity. We’ve compiled a special recipe to remind you that creativity doesn’t just involve brilliance in a single moment. It also includes tried-and-true tips from industry professionals and some of our own personal experiences.


    You may find it counterproductive to try to finish projects while taking breaks. Experts recommend taking 20-30 minutes off every day — going for a walk, or doing anything else you enjoy. This is also a great way to reset your senses and make it easier to identify things that need to be developed or added to.


    Creative Block Village can be escaped by making sounds, without worrying about how they will fit on a track. Get out your old synth and start a solo jam session. You can let go of any constraints and just follow your instincts. You can unleash your creativity, but you should save your presets and export the stems for future projects. You should also make use of the recorder. You can take an adventure and capture many different sounds for multiple uses. This is one of the best things to do on Sundays.


    Start by sample-hunting. It is best to organize your discoveries in a library you will grow over time. After you have imported samples to your DAW, exploration can begin. Try different settings and have fun. You can pitch shift or stretch your time! To create something truly unique, you can layer, manipulate, or mangle the samples. There are no limits to what you can do.


    Take a detour and get lost. You’ll discover plugins that you don’t know about. You will be amazed at the ideas that come to mind and it will help you get motivated. The muse is often found in the most unexpected places of an artist’s brain and appears when least expected.


    The main reason for stagnation in the music industry is the natural tendency to create songs the same way, following a pre-established workflow over and again. This will eventually lead you to the depths and the creativity block.

    Regardless of how hardworking or not, you will be appreciated. You can make things more interesting by rearranging chronologically the order of your production process. This will allow you to be more focused on what you have missed.

    1. COLLAB.

    Music production can be done in teams. This is one of the best aspects. You can bounce ideas off of each other and get feedback without fear. You also get insight into the work of other artists, which can help you reevaluate your own approach.


    You don’t want to create the same thing repeatedly. Instead, find new ideas that spark your creativity. Drawing inspiration from different musical styles is the most innovative and most effective strategy. Exposing yourself to more styles will help you subconsciously add new elements and ideas to your music.

    After all this, here’s the important takeaway:

    Don’t dwell on the present situation and resist the temptation to self-pity. The creative process is not a steady or a set standard. It is more like a wave, with its highs/lows.

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