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  • Best Mentor for artists - Horace Tempo

    A mentor can be an important sounding board at crucial points in your career as a creative, offering insight and advice you aren’t in a position to receive through other resources. The job of mentors is to learn, listen and offer advice.

    A mentor can assist you to succeed in your work and profession, and help you become an improved version of yourself by helping you reach your goals by introducing you to fresh methods that you think about things, pushing your preconceived beliefs, and providing guidance on the way, and giving you constructive feedback.

    Each person is unique and has specific requirements However, at least six sessions are usually enough to build trust, understand the most pressing issues, and discuss the most pressing issues and priorities. This is the foundation for positive change.

    We decide on the number of meetings at the beginning of the meeting, after we’ve decided on the objectives.

    In each session, we will provide an open and safe space to discover the strengths of your values, talents, and aspirations, along with any creative blocks or unhelpful assumptions, paving the way for you to realize your dreams.

    Trust is the key to having a genuine productive dialog and relationship – one that is essential and will best meet your interests. Once trust is established, it implies that we are with each other, exploring different approaches and strategies that remove obstacles to your success. that’s why you need Mentor for a music artist

    We offer a flexible, friendly, and collaborative style that adapts to your requirements, and, as an example, we could use

    A) Review of the work and your creative journey to date) review your goals and priorities what are you truly looking for?
    C) What’s stopping you from moving forward?
    D) looking for possibilities
    e) new tools, skills, methodologies, systems
    E) finding new perspectives and actions plans
    f) bench-marking progress
    G) celebrating success.

    We’ll discuss your work, your key factors, themes, and topics, as well as how you communicate the work to a larger audience. Discussing the latest work, analyzing the prices, sales, and strategies for earning income are usually involved as well. We look at the ways you can improve your communications style and create a strategy to reach out to new curators, clients, and collectors.


    Every client is unique, so every coaching or mentoring relationship is unique.

    We assist certain clients on a monthly basis for six months. Other clients require assistance every two weeks over a lengthy period.

    It is important to know what your requirements are to determine what degree of assistance is needed and who is the most suitable person to assist and what is the best timeframe.

    So the cost is dependent on the client and which kind of mentorship he is looking for.

    Results from the positive and productive relationship between us, and we are confident that we will get the best results by having at least six one-hour meetings.

    Due to the huge interest in our service, we would like to request to only sign up if you have the funds and are ready to begin and schedule at least six sessions

    We’re committed to helping clients to transform their practices and achieve their goals. Therefore, we are currently unable to provide one-time sessions. That’s why we are the best mentor for artists.

    After you’ve registered, we will review your needs and try to get with you as quickly as we can.

    We do have an extremely long wait list for working with Horace Tempo. It is not possible to guarantee availability. Horace will recommend the appropriate Associate Mentor that has been specially chosen to meet your needs.