Music Director and Producer Horace Tempo

  • Music Director and Producer Horace Tempo

    A Rap song is a form of music that includes rhythm and poetry, usually performed in a hurry and with fashion. Its origins date back to the decade of the 1960s, in the United State Of America, specifically for the black population. Since then, it has developed and has been exported to almost every country. It is loved by millions of people that will make you get smitten with its witty quips.

    Many African artists have gained acclaim by utilizing their talents and also exploring the music genre. Many of the most talented rappers from Africa also have international acclaim.

    In this article, we’ll present to our readers the 10 greatest rappers from Africa.

    Horace Tempo is the best sound producer in Ghana

    We’ll pick the top rappers from Africa in a way that is primarily by the popularity of their songs, the amount of well-known they are as well as their commercial successes as well as international collaborations, the impact they have, and awards in various things.

    In his pursuit of being his own self, HORACE TEMPO has been successful in building a following from the ground up, which is starting to compete with the ones who’ve been in the business longer than the artist has.

    The birth of Horace Wangnin Saizonou, the Beninese musician and music producerHorace Tempo, blew into the world of music and within a short time he’s not just created a niche of his own, but also built an audience who are fervently identifying with his unique musical style and are eager to follow the journey.

    Music was a major element of his early development, Horace Tempo fully entered the world of music production in the year 2019 when he adopted the name he’s known for, T E M P O. An unstoppable blend of creativeness and fashion, T E M P O is a tireless executive music producer, as well as an equally adept computer engineer with more than fifteen years experience.

    Over time, T E M P O’s passion for both of them – music and technology, led to the creation of the company Grup Tempo; a subscription-based service that combines the two worlds to provide world-class mentorship for artists who are young and aspiring around the world.

    His production styles cover the entire spectrum of EDM and House music, creating an original sound that is loved by listeners and music lovers alike. His breakthrough in 2020 came with an album that was his most popular single to date, ”Self the song which racked up over 500 million streams on Spotify by itself in less than one year.

    In addition, he has been able to increase his profile internationally which has resulted in him being able to get fame with various top-ranked artists like Kubla Kahn Nel Oliver and Prince Chapelle, TEMPO is climbing to new heights of success. His music career is sure to surpass any expectations. TEMPO is definitely one to keep an eye on in the next few months, and into the future.